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United kingdom History

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United Kingdom Historical past

Uk History

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united kingdom historical past query by eRIN: Can I implement for a visitor visa to the United Kingdom?
I previously entered the United Kingdom in February and left yesterday on a US passport. I was there for much less than 6 months, so my travel was legitimate and I did not overstay, seeing as US citizens are permitted to pay a visit to up to 6 months on their passport. I was not operating or going to college in excess of there — or doing something that I wasn’t supposed to, I was just staying with my boyfriend. So, I was asking yourself if I could apply for a visa to return inside of the year? Or is that not permitted?

united kingdom historical past greatest reply:

Response by Maggie
Young, single Americans are amongst the worst offenders for overstaying in the Uk. Add the simple fact that you have a United kingdom b/f and naturally no work or research to tie you to the US and you are observed as an overstay threat.

The suggestions state that generally you ought to not be provided a lot more than 6 months in any twelve month period on a visitor visa. Offered that you have already been in the Uk for five months or so, you will either be issued with a really quick visa to take you up to the 6 month restrict or if you use the visa waiver, you chance getting refused entry.

You might be a single of the fortunate ones and get a additional six months on entry, but will not count on it.

Personally, I’d implement for the visa and preserve your declared travel ideas within the 6 months tips. If you program to travel back and forth regularly it is often really worth building up a reliable immigration history. Once you have a refusal on your record it gets you stopped every single time and also influences entry to other European countries.

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united kingdom historical past
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