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Newest United Kingdom Business News

by admin on December 12, 2012 · 7 comments

United Kingdom Business

BR&#39s Edgen acquires United kingdom organization
united kingdom organization
Baton Rouge-based Edgen Group Inc. has acquired HSP Group Ltd., a United Kingdom-based valve firm with customers throughout the world. Details of the funds-and-stock deal have been not disclosed. Edgen acquired the company via subsidiary Edgen Murray …

Silver Fox Live Education United Kingdom Britain United kingdom Dawn Facebook Multilevel marketing Downline Developing Prospects Lesson

Go right here to view Uk Dawn build her organization in the Silver Fox Lead Factory Dwell training area. Dawn, from the United Kingdom, will be in The Space 10am to 12pm Los Angeles time. You want to meet her and understand how she builds her Silver Fox company. She is aware of what she is…
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united kingdom business query by SID SNOTT.: What benifits has Eastern European Mass migration brought to the Uk doing work class?
What has this migration accomplished for the Uk economic system?

Apart from benifitting big enterprise, i can see no benifits, i see the biggest migration of people in the historical past of the United kingdom has done nothing at all for the basic settled population of the United Kingdom.

It has : Pushed down wages to unsustainable levels .
Pushed British employees out of the workplace, specially the young.
Pushed British born folks to the bottom of the housing list.
Pushed the benifits method to near breaking point.
Put burdens on our NHS AND SOCIAL solutions never ever sen prior to.
Price us Billions each yr in remmitances and tax back, welfare scams , translators and so on.

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Answer by Nick
We need to have a lot stricter limits on immigration. Only foreigners with essential qualifications (like engineers and medical doctors) should be permitted to dwell in the Uk

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