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Most current United Kingdom Socialism News

by admin on November 17, 2012 · 3 comments

United Kingdom Socialism

The BBC Scandal Is Truly All About Socialism
united kingdom socialism
Major the charge towards the BBC is the Uk&#39s print press, prolonged angered by the unfair entry to assets they believe the BBC has, and the perception that the corporation has a a liberal (or, even socialist) bias. The United kingdom&#39s tabloids (notably, people owned …

This Is Nationwide Socialism!.

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united kingdom socialism question by D R: Did the Russian’s shell out the United kingdom back there war loans for all the equipment that we sent to them in the course of the two WW?
The United kingdom payed the USA the loans for the equipment that we received of them in the 1980’s for the 2WW Simply because the Germans lost the war they did not pay nothing to know a single now they are 1 of the richest nation in Europe. The exact same as Japan they did not shell out.

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Reply by Bob
t6he germans had to pay for the army of occupation ,but i examine that they are even now owing this?

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