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by admin on December 9, 2012

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Trocadero Centre
Typical Rating: 4 out of five (three Critiques)

Evaluation by Vikki C.
I shouldn’t really like this area, but I do. Cinnamon whirls are a single of my guilty pleasures, and now, so is Cinnabon.

The sugary treats come in two sizes:…
Rating: 4

Review by Thomas A.
It can be that smell that each and every American understands that means “You’re close to the foods court”

It hits you like a brick to the face, but you can not resist their gooey…
Rating: four

Review by Jed C.
Me and my girlfriend had just come off the tube right after a substantial volume of line jumping and, rather of taking the typical exit from the station we made the decision to…
Rating: four

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