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Can an EU citizen personal a firearm in Britain?

by admin on December 15, 2012 · 6 comments

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united kingdom company question by IrishCanadian: Can an EU citizen own a firearm in Britain?
I have been dwelling in the United Kingdom for 3 many years now and have Irish Citizenship. I initially came as a Canadian on a dependency visa, but have lately claimed my Irish citizenship from my mother’s side of the household. I did my A-Ranges right here and now run a enterprise. I go to a shooting club, and will soon want to use for a Firearms Certificate to obtain and keep a .22 rifle. Do I need to be a United kingdom citizen to do so?

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Solution by shadow
There are reciprocal agreements with other countries, and a British citizen can own a rifle (various calibres), but the law is a bit strict. Of training course hand guns are banned altogether .

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