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Brussels is hostile to Scottish independence &#39because it is weak&#39

by admin on December 12, 2012 · 10 comments

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Brussels is hostile to Scottish independence &#39because it is weak&#39
united kingdom politics
The unfolding controversy over a future independent Scotland&#39s status inside of Europe has reached a crisis point for the Scottish government: in the dispute with commission president José Manuel Barroso, the credibility of a important chunk of its scenario …

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united kingdom politics question by John L: The United States has elected a half-black President, is a half-Arabic PM a likelihood for the UnitedKingdom?
I have a deep interest in politics, a philosophical mind and a excellent sense of awareness. I am interested in politics, and if I am to pursue one thing, I will aim for the greatest goal.

I aspire to be the very first ethnic minority Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is this feasible?
White’s created up 92% of the population at the last census, far from extince, very first poster.

You’re saying I’m not British? My daily life story runs really equivalent to Obama’s, except his father was black and mine is Arabic. I grew up in England with a totally English loved ones, and you inform me I’m not? Grow up.
“I suppose some non-Muslims want that” – Not all Arabs are Muslims, not all Muslims are Arabs. I’m a Christian, in fact.
To the BNP supporter, did I say Asian? No.

united kingdom politics greatest answer:

Reply by Wendy B
Yes since it appears anglo saxons are just about extinct in England.

What do you feel? Answer below!

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