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The School of Oriental and African Studies

by admin on November 25, 2012

politics/worldwide relations
politics/international relations The College of Oriental and African Studies Evaluations

Thornhaugh Street
Common Score: 4 out of 5 (three Evaluations)

Evaluation by Eliza D.
I enjoy SOAS. I started out my academic occupation at Trinity School in Hartford, CT and the place just was not for me. I’ve reconciled this by performing a yr and a…
Score: 5

Evaluation by Derry N.
SOAS comes with a status as one particular of London’s better universities. It was undoubtedly one particular of only two I would have been in a position to title confidently just before I…
Score: two

Evaluation by Katie A.
SOAS is identified for becoming a small bit a lot more choice than the other London universities. Individuals normally come right here to examine either culture, language or…
Rating: 5

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