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Q&A: Question about politics (United kingdom/EU) … can somebody make clear this to me?

by admin on December 11, 2012 · 5 comments

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spain national socialism question by Ashlee: Question about politics (United kingdom/EU) … can somebody make clear this to me?
I am from the US and was hoping a person from Europe could explain this to me …

I get the impression that this isn’t correct for Uk politics, but when I’ve been studying about political parties in other components of Europe like France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and so forth … the political parties are normally described as either “left wing” or “correct wing”, and these phrases are utilized rather frequently as such descriptions are naturally normal for these regions.

In the US “left wing” and “proper” are descriptions generally reserved for political events or politicians that are regarded as left wing extremists or correct wing extremists. So is that the very same in Europe and such parties actually are so extreme to either side, or is it simply referring to the parties political ideology in the way that “liberal” and “conservative” is utilised in the US? That means that in Europe “left wing” and “proper wing” are not deemed terms reserved for extremists … ?

I have also heard that in Europe the word “liberal” equates to what Americans refer to as “fiscal conservatism” (excess capitalism) … if so what are men and women in Europe who are towards excess capitalism but for a nicely regulated mixed market with social solutions known as? In the US they’re typically known as financial liberals. If I’m an American that supports a regulated economic system with public services such as wellness care and welfare and I am also pro-gay rights, marijuana, etc would I be deemed center left, center, center appropriate or just “common” in Europe?

I am just attempting to get a much better understanding of the descriptions in Europe, so any help is appreciated.

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Reply by Pleased Murcia
The term left and appropriate wing was 1st coined in the United kingdom Parliament as to which side of the speaker you sat,left for socialist and appropriate for conservative with the centre events as liberals,normally Europe is a socialist spot,,we`ve witnessed what fascism can do,political extremists are usually laughed at,and kept in their location,,Europe is old and tired of extremists and now wants to appear a lot more inward,social equality is our potential,we`ve had revolutions ,dictators and maniacs in the previous and don`t want them once more
Sorry but it`s a tiny over simplified but obtaining lived around Europe I would say the bulk have somewhat socialist political opinions,,

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