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Most recent Political Science Spain News

by admin on December 15, 2012 · 7 comments

Political Science Spain

Albert O. Hirschman, influential social scientist, dies at 97
political science spain
The Washington Post. In a wide-ranging professional life, Albert O. Hirschman worked at prestigious colleges and institutes, wrote some of the most perceptive works of social science in his era and acquired a devoted following of economists, political …

political science spain question by euro knight mystery zealot and the raveɳ: Is it illegal to state often online that you hate multiculturalism?
im 34, live in the uk, originally from spain , but i have lived in britain most of my life, im a traditional minded person really, small village mentality, ” nobody should meddle in other peoples affairs ” that sort of person….i dont like cosmopolitism either or diversity….i really hate the amount of uncontrollable immigration that has happened here….its ruined the country and i hate the government here for that.

i even hate a lot of british i meet because there’s often times i get treated different because i have a darker skin being of spanish heritage, even though i speak english excellently…..i feel im treated as an outsider.

i stick to close family members and people who are of my origin or mediterranean anyway.

but im also a person that doesn’t like multiculturalism…..all crammed in together… the small villagy person sort.

i worry because ive often said online, in questions, that i do not like multiculturalism in britain or at all, i dont like diverse crowds……..the major resentment at over immigration etc.

is this ok technically as an opinion or am i breaking any known laws?

i hope for intelligent answers from those who are ”clued” up about the present uk law.
@joeborza- i do know that.

c’mon, isnt there any decent answers that know about the uk laws now ?

political science spain best answer:

Answer by Doodoo
why does anyone give a shit what you think? get overyourself, cocksucker.
so what if you hate something. commit suicide then.

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