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How prolonged ahead of the failure of the Euro leads to civil war?

by admin on December 3, 2012 · 7 comments

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italy news query by Barrie G: How prolonged before the failure of the Euro leads to civil war?
A single of the remedies proposed to remedy the Euro’s ills is to harmonise the economies of the Euro zone, in other words to let the Germans and French set the budget for the complete of the Eurozone.
This would create massive cuts in government investing and significantly greater taxes in countries such as Greece, Italy Spain, Portugal, and Ireland who in impact would turn out to be colonies of a Franco- German government.
Who for one minute thinks the peoples of these nations would not revolt violently towards this kind of actions?

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Solution by Maggie Could
failure of the Euro? Never you mean failure of the dollar? It really is certainly well worth less than the euro and the US is crazy in debt.

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