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Newest Greece Union News

by admin on December 11, 2012 · 11 comments

Greece Union

Eurozone will survive debt crisis intact
greece union
Fears that Europe&#39s monetary union was about to break-up were commonplace. Spanish, Italian and Greek official borrowing charges were soaring. Mario Draghi, the new European Central Bank president, had ruled out acting as a loan provider of final resort to …

Greece Union Strike: Video of violent riots in Athens, police clash with masked youths

Dozens of masked youths have been clashing with police at a union protest in Athens throughout a common strike towards the cash-strapped government’s planned pension and labor reforms. Riot police fired tear fuel and stun grenades to disperse troublemakers who threw chunks of marble smashed off a metro station entrance and set rubbish bins on fire. Bus and ferry services have been disrupted, leaving some visitors stranded, in protests towards planned pension and labour reforms. The industrial action is yet another in a series of mass-demonstrations against a swathe of extreme austerity measures.
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greece union question by ƒαηтαѕтι¢ ☞CAT☜: What percentage of British men and women want to continue to be in the European Union?
I could be wrong, but the vast majority of individuals I speak to seem to be to be passionately anti-EU. Is the United kingdom a member of the European Union because WE democratically voted (as citizens of the United kingdom) or did the politicians force us into this Union

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Answer by shortie
The Uk joined the EU in ’73 with no voting but they did hold a referendum in 75 to gauge help in which 67% voted “Yes” to staying in. I believe if they held an additional ballot now the result would be extremely distinct.

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