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Michelangelo&#39s &#39David-Apollo&#39 pays return go to to US

by admin on December 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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Michelangelo&#39s &#39David-Apollo&#39 pays return check out to US
political science greece
Stagnant growth, political uncertainty, and a crippling debt (120 percent of GDP) that is second only to that of Greece makes Italy 1 claimant for the title of “sick guy of Europe.” The government in Rome has not actually labeled the Year of Italian …

political science greece query by Celia H: If a 2nd Greek election returns a Trotskyist government -?
– and they repudiate their predecessors’ financial debt and readopt the Drachma –
couldn’t Europe’s socialists support the revolution by all going for wonderfully low-cost hols in Greece?

Feel about it, it could be like the Worldwide Brigade, but no shooting! Red flags flying over holiday villas!

What a great way to tell old Merkel ‘No Pasaran!’

Arriba, Trabajeros! (and could somebody translate it into Greek?)

Who’s for the barricades?
And inevitably, none of the Americans, specially those who have been indoctrinated with spurious ‘economics,’ never understand. Funny factor, the way after the discipline was hijacked by the American and company-backed Chicago and Austrian colleges, it only attracted mediocre minds since the rest of us observed by means of it for what it was!

The Greek economy is extremely heavily dependent on tourism. Out of the Euro, with an independent currency, tourists will all be bringing in valuable foreign exchange. A really useful and highly effective way to help our comrades, I’d have said.

La Passionaria lives! Increase a glass of Retsina to the comrades of the British Battalion, the Thaelmann Battalion, the Connolly Column….

political science greece greatest answer:

Answer by The Black Bolshevik
Yes just like Obama and his Marxist mentality

Overlook the barricades allow all the Socialists move to Cuba

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