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Latest Greece History News

by admin on November 25, 2012 · 14 comments

Greece Historical past

Greek Tragedy Turns to Farce
greece history
History is most likely to record the EU&#39s managing of the Greek crisis as slow, cumbersome and inadequate. However, as of final evening, the approach has turned into a full-scale farce. The grim details about Greece&#39s debt circumstance are laid out in detail in this …

Ancient Athens Element one

Historical past of Ancient Athens with Greek subtitles from Background Channel
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greece background question by Smith: Why are protests / riots so crap in the United kingdom in contrast to other countries?
Why is that in france, greece, canada, and so on, when they want to protest against the authorities they smash up buildings, burn police autos, beat up police officers, and just have a big battles with the police, and so forth yet in the United kingdom they by no means do issues like that. Alrite, I know final week they smashed up the tory HQ but nonetheless not on the level of other countries. Why is this country so chicken shit?

greece historical past greatest solution:

Answer by California Republic
Because the far more bat shit your country is and the far more you suck on the government’s tit for totally free things paid for by taxpayers, the far more you riot when it turns out you may possibly have to really get off your lazy ass and perform for these issues. You guys are kindof poor, but they are genuinely negative

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