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Greek Neonazi Politician Hits a Girl on Live Television – Político Griego Neo-nazi Pega a Mujer

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Greece Politics

Greek Neonazi Politician Hits a Lady on Live Television – Político Griego Neo-nazi Pega a Mujer

Greek neo-nazi hits a communist woman. A debate on reside Greek tv shows how tempers can turn into frayed in the course of a live political debate. The spokesman for the far appropriate Golden Dawn celebration Ilias Kasidiaris attacked two female members of left-wing parties. Kasidiaris threw water at Syriza deputy Rena Dourou, prior to slapping Communist Get together deputy Liana Kanelli in the face repeatedly. A Greek prosecutor has named for Kasidiaris to be arrested for bodily assault. Η κανέλλη τρώει ξύλο απο τον Κασιδιάρη στην τηλεόραση Greek Politician’s Live Tv Assault politicos griegos se pelean en directo en television hombre le pega a una mujer en television en directo politico griego nazi neo-nazi pega mujer en directo programa de tv le tira agua a la cara politico neo-nazi griego de grecia se vuelve loco pega en directo programa tv grecia reality tv present fight guy hits female man hitting lady Guy Throws water on Girl. Politician assaults Female rival dwell on Tv Badass Neo-Nazi, elected Greek politician hitting a female reside on Tv Greek Neo-nazi Politician Hits a Female on Dwell Television – Político Griego Neo-nazi Pega a Mujer GREEK NEONAZI Assault ON AIR six/seven/2012 golden dawn assault neo nazi 2012 greece crisis elections athens ilias kasidiaris xrusi augi Greek Neonazi Ilias Kasidiaris attacks reside on air two women On-Air Assault: Greek Neo-Nazi slaps female leftists throughout Tv debate Athens’ prosecutors have ordered the arrest of a far-correct member of parliament, following
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greece politics question by W: How can Greece rebuild faith in the market?
How can the politicians of Greece start to reform their electorates trust in them?

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Sadly it is not politics which is causing Greece’s issues, it’s economics. There’s only so considerably great politicking can do when you are staring higher unemployment, no development and large financial debt in the encounter.

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Greece&#39s Richest And Poorest Politicians
greece politics
Greece&#39s Parliament is awash in members who have more than $ one million in deposits, bonds, property, vehicles and other assets. Between the richest is Anna Dalara with bonds, deposits and mutual funds really worth 2.9 million euros ($ three.77 million) and stated she …

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