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Greece&#39s largest banks to join in bond buyback

by admin on December 9, 2012 · 4 comments

Greece Central Financial institution

Greece&#39s largest banks to join in bond buyback
greece central financial institution
Greece is heading into a sixth year of a deep economic downturn and the European Central Bank warned Friday of another gloomy year for the 17 European Union countries that use the euro, cutting its forecast for economic development in 2013 from plus .five % to …

Greek Central Financial institution Governor Outlines Strategy For Drachma Return

Provopoulos the governor of the Greek central banking institutions has, in an interview on the weekend, outlined his method for the Drachma if and when the Drachma returns to currently being the currency of Greece. The two main pillars of Provopoulos’s approach will be rampant printing of the Drachma and incredibly large interest costs. Provopoulos went on to warn that if Greece leaves the euro, its new currency would probably be devalued by 60 to 70 percent and that there would be a period of hyperinflation and substantial interest charges. There are a couple problems that quickly stand out from Provopoulos’s statment. The initial is hyperinflation. For there to be hyperinflation in Greece with the Drachma Provopulos is saying that the central bank of Greece will print so many Drachmas that it will destroy the worth of the Greek currency. Why a central bank would want to destroy the value of a currency is not clear. This kind of cash printing would ruin the acquiring energy of the Greek people and also destroy their saving and pensions. Why a central bank would deliberately do this kind of a thing is not stated. Provopoulos than goes on to say that at the identical time the central financial institution is deliberately destroying the value of the Drachma it will also set very substantial interest rates, I presume to fight the hyperinflation the financial institution itself is producing. Once more the motive for a central bank to act in this way is not clear. Substantial interest charges would make the Drachma a extremely well-known currency considering the minimal interest charges in
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