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European Business: Latest Changes and Politics

by admin on February 12, 2013


 European Business Latest Changes and Politics

When it comes to the world of business it is impossible to ignore the effects of politics. When governments make new rules, or change old ones, this alters the ways that businesses can operate. In the European Union, where concern in countries like Italy and Ireland has only deepened over the past several years, there have been happenings that are affecting the entire economic world.


Austerity Measures and Economies

There was a great deal of argument over austerity measures throughout the European Union, with economists weighing in on all sides. The general opinion was that austerity would take countries that were already struggling and send them spiraling down into the depths. However, in between, the liberal and conservative sides of the political parties’ deals were struck allowing the governments to remain solvent and keep going. Because those in the EU and the world know that if one country becomes insolvent, it could have a domino effect, there have been outpourings of help, aid and expertise trying to find the best possible deals that will actually work. The result is that a surprising number of individuals are laying aside ideology and attempting to find pragmatic, workable solutions to the economic woes they face.

Forex Markets

Whenever a country’s political and business situation is negatively affected, it throws the financial markets into an upheaval. For instance, the value of the Euro has fluctuated wildly over the past few years, and the value of many Asian currencies has risen. The reason these are connected is– because many of the markets and products in Asia, from shipping to manufacturing, have stepped into the gaps left by suffering EU members. The result is a shift in value, and economic power, to the other markets. This shift has attracted investors that would previously have gone to Europe to go further afield.

Hope and Recovery?

There were some signs at the end of 2012 that the slipperier parts of the EU were coming together and getting back on their feet. Nothing definite has been said just yet, but markets appear to be holding their breaths to see what the politicians are going to do. With elections and changes of the guard though, no one is sure just how constant the politics will be. This year’s leader could give way to next year’s hard nosed, no-compromise ruler who will strip away progress that’s been made with previous deals.


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