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UKIP Nigel Farage MEP – European Union and its Communist roots – Feb 2010

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UKIP Nigel Farage MEP – European Union and its Communist roots – Feb 2010

Uk Independence Party MEP speaks about the EU links with communism, and the evolution of the new Soviet Union. History repeats itself
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Boss “free of charge washable A + +” Top European speak to elements – the boss, hoods, kitchen –

The fifth anniversary of China’s accession to the WTO,

Bo Xilai

Has pointed out that a large competitors, the opportunity is speedily increasing instrument for the brand. WTO win the domino influence spread to all industries, establish requirements, engage in innovation, naturally including the kitchen electrical. How to “Normal Chinese” idea, the promotion of kitchen electric goods of globalization, a single of the primary factors of technological innovation is the product.

For Chinese households,


Is the most polluted regions, hence, on

Kitchen home equipment

The necessity of increased quality. In particular, this kitchen appliances range hoods, fume deposition is the filth of the toughest hit. Is there a technologies that can manage the optimum soot, clean? Engineering growth efforts to steer clear of the boss washable electric, it touches on a


Who brought a trace of surprise.

Shock from the second known as “totally free washable A + +” technologies. This is the newly crowned boss electrical “Top rated 500 Brands in Asia” right after a main technology improvement benefits, applied to European designs. According to retailer income personnel, and is the owner of this European-style hood electrical adhering to own “standard of China” concept-free of charge washable technical upgrades, the smoke


Results, the look of cleansing the target of consumers use each day have a key breakthrough.

Largest shock in “cost-free washable A + +” smoke separation method, separation is tough for the soot filters soot difficulty entirely, acknowledged for its hemispherical cup oil, use of aerodynamics, so smoke increasing swiftly, coupled with the As the lead tank as the funnel, escalating the gathering area, so that droplets of a slip in the end.

Catheter incorporating oil droplets compared to much more fast and clean. With the internal network of one piece oil, this kind of oil net improvement in the past the shortcomings of the multilateral polygonal easy filth, soot adhesion is not easy to clean and simpler.

Easy filth appearance in which there is smoke screw, seam, according to technical personnel, and this smoke is the integration


Oil net form, within and outside

Stainless steel



, Seamless appearance, no screws, excellent O gap. In addition, in order to avoid the oil drops to the food, the European “free of charge washable A + +” engineering adhering to the Chinese straight suction suction machine structural characteristics of the airflow of total 360-degree spiral suction influence of a broad assortment of suction, suction much better and not very easily integrated oil. Vertical louvres to ensure that oil droplets movement into the turbine oil cup, place an finish to the phenomenon of oil droplets to the dish.

Far more than that, “cost-free washable A + +” will also be registered as a totally free improve washable European unique trademark. And the use and aesthetics from a buyer point of view, the product promotions in the New Year’s Day to client feedback. With the technical high quality, speed up the brand, but also for the globalization of kitchen electric goods can do one thing.

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