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European unitary patent accepted

by admin on December 12, 2012 · 11 comments

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European unitary patent approved
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The European Parliament yesterday ended many years of wrangling in excess of how to streamline the European Union&#39s patent program. On Tuesday 11 December it approved an &#39EU patent package deal&#39, an agreement amongst 25 member states to roll out a new unitary …

Stocks take a hit on European news

06/13/12 Stocks were in the red Wednesday morning as the financial debt concerns of Spain migrated to Italy on larger borrowing fees.
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european news question by †♥Goddess JR†♥Native †♥Pride†♥: Why do Europeans devote time and income sneaking into the US when they can just come in legally with a passport?
An Arizona rancher whose land borders Mexico told Fox News that amongst the illegal immigrants he had noticed trying to cross the border were Romanians, Polish and Russians. As it turns out, Romanians, Polish, and Russians are the largest groups of Europeans that have been apprehended for making an attempt to illegally cross the US/Mexican border in current years. But they are not the only ones, in excess of one,600 folks from different European nations have been caught attempting to consider advantage of our dangerously lax southern border.

Right here are twenty European nations with highest amount men and women apprehended for making an attempt to illegally enter the United States by way of the southern border from 2007-2009:

Romania -227
Poland -204
Russia -145
Turkey -97
United Kingdom -87
Albania – 86
Ukraine -83
Serbia -68
Georgia- 65
Bulgaria- 55
Czech Republic 45
Moldova- 42
Armenia 38
Macedonia 38
Hungary -37
Italy -36
Ireland -32
Lithuania -31

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