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Portobello Street Industry

by admin on December 15, 2012

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european union countries Portobello Street Marketplace Critiques

Portobello Road
Regular Rating: 4 out of five (101 Evaluations)

Evaluation by Alex S.
I used to reside appropriate off Portobello Street and, for the duration of that time, I would detest Saturdays. Saturdays meant wanting to head-butt people out of my way! Saturdays…
Rating: 4

Evaluation by Megan M.
A pal took to Portobello Market and like most travelers I was expecting it to look specifically like it did on the movie Notting Hill. To my surprise it was…
Rating: 4

Critique by Rick A.
Been coming to London for more than 30 many years and this is my very first visit but most likely not the last. This trip I went the complete length of the Marketplace which appeared…
Rating: 5

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