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Politics and Worldwide Relations panel discusion

by admin on December 16, 2012

Politics/worldwide Relations

Politics and Worldwide Relations panel discusion Macquarie University Postgraduate Forum 2011 – Politics and Global Relations panel discussion. Panel contains: Moderator: Lara Pratt from the Macquarie Law College Affiliate Professor Geoffrey Hawker: Famine in Africa and its worldwide implications. Geoffrey teaches African politics and Australian public policy. He has held analysis positions at the universities of NSW, Birmingham, Canberra and the ANU and was study director for the (Coombs) royal commission on Australian government administration. He has been President of each the Australian Politicial Reports Association (1977-78) and of the African Scientific studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (2005 -08) and is associate editor of AFSAAP’s journal, the Australian Critique of African Studies. Annabel McConnachie (Sessional Lecturer, Tutor and MIR Graduate): The Australian-Malaysian remedy on refugees. Getting acquired a Masters Degree in Global Relations from Macquarie University and currently being awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence, Annabel started instructing at the university in 2006 first as a tutor and then a sessional lecturer. This year Annabel convened two master degree programs in the politics of worldwide human rights law and in global law and Australian public policy. Alan Clark (Sessional Tutor, PhD Student and MIR Graduate): The US function in the planet offered the financial difficulties it confronts. Alan is in the ultimate yr of his PhD at Macquarie. His thesis
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