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Naming dilemma for Obama: Is it Burma or Myanmar?

by admin on November 17, 2012 · 17 comments

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Naming dilemma for Obama: Is it Burma or Myanmar?
politics and government
President Barack Obama&#39s landmark go to to Myanmar, recognized by the U.S. as Burma, brings up an uncommon problem of protocol: What does he get in touch with it? If current practice by going to U.S. officials is any guide, Obama will sidestep the problem by employing neither …

POLITICAL AWAKENING Possible? “Enlightened” Government?

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politics and government query by RMP: If the Internet is a “wealth of info”, why is it so difficult to uncover anything beneficial (or real) on it?
How numerous of us commit hrs of our lives surfing the net, looking for solutions to this & that. Except if it truly is one thing really basic it really is near unattainable to locate! Is the net over-rated?

I put this on politics & government since it’s the place the most opinionated individuals on YA gather, no offence meant.

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Reply by John
due to the fact anyone can publish anything at all, therefor its simple to lie or to post in-exact inormation.

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