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Meat Liquor

by admin on December 2, 2012

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europe political science / general Meat Liquor Testimonials

74 Welbeck Street
Typical Score: 3.five out of five (76 Reviews)

Review by Venu N.
Let us just get this out of the way. If there is a better burger in London than the Dead Hippie burger at Meat Liquor, I am going to be stunned. Whilst I’m…
Rating: 4

Evaluation by Nava N.

I desired to really like you, Meat Liquor. You had so significantly guarantee. I noticed so many wonderful items about you from other yelpers. Why’d you have to go…
Rating: 2

Overview by Sd M.
Fashion more than substance in a truly big way.

The excellent: The burger is wonderful, batter on onion rings and pickles is crisp. The location is a bit diverse to your…
Score: 2

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