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European politics: a shift to the appropriate?

by admin on December 11, 2012 · 6 comments

Europe Politics

European politics: a shift to the correct?

In November, the Uk independence Party (UKIP) celebrated its greatest ever performance in a Westminster election, pushing the Conservatives into 3rd spot. This is the most recent in a modern series of gains created by UKIP at the polls, sparking calls for an electoral pact with the Tories. UKIP’s modern good results in harnessing people’s rising disenchantment with the 3 mainstream events also reflects a shift in correct wing politics in the Uk and Europe. VoR’s Abla Kandalaft discusses this with Simon Darby, ex Vice Chairman of the BNP Vidhya Ramalingam, initiatives coordinator at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue Gawain Towler, press officer for UKIP Daniel Trilling, co-editor of the New Statesman Dr Robert Ford, lecturer at the University of Manchester and researcher with the Extremis venture Alp Mehmet, Vice Chairman of Migration View Sarah Mulley, Affiliate Director for Migration, Trade and Development at the Institute for Public Policy Research.
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europe politics question by : How to prevent the Ageing of Europe and keep away from the need to have for immigration from Asia?
Enormous immigration to Europe (specifically designed nations like France, United kingdom, Italy, Germany and Scandinavia)

Percentage of Native europeans w.r.t to the globe population is rapidly decreasing….The end result is substantial immigration from Asia and death of European culture in its very own land….

Quickly Indians,Chinese and Muslims are going to be dominant force in Europe….

In Uk, already politics and Government are in the hands of Indians and Muslims

How do we stop this??

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Solution by Cold Season of Distrust
A huge communist fence like we have in the southern border

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The worst situation is the return of Silvio Berlusconi to Italian politics and, if successful, to the top table in the European Union. Most individuals would be deeply concerned at being prosecuted (and on 1 count already identified guilty) on charges of fraud and …

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