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CEU Division of Political Science, Interview

by admin on November 17, 2012 · 9 comments

European Political Science / Basic

CEU Department of Political Science, Interview

An interview with the CEU Division of Political Science on occasion of their becoming named between the Leading European Departments in the area by the Center for Larger Training Development. November 17, 2009
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European political science / standard query by Dan V: Common Election May possibly 6th 2010?
I am curious to hear who men and women are voting for, and more importantly WHY?

A couple of issues folks require to know before they go voting for the wrong motives:

Firstly Liberal Democrats want to give amnesty for Britain’s approximate 700,000 illegal immigrants, Push us further into the European Union (EU) and adopt the EURO currency, Tackle the Deficit Instantly (despite the fact that not a negative issue) that implies a lot more cash from the tax payers pocket (never be fooled by his charm and his tactic of telling you exactly what you want to hear but not what you need to know.

Secondly Labour (the ones accountable for placing us in the EU) Well they just want each penny they can squeeze out of your pocket to pay off the substantial financial debt they have incurred (no doubt to spend for there 2nd residences and there mothers houses and there auntie’s properties and so forth). Just believe for a minute, all the road tax you pay, the place does it go? Not on the roads -that is evident. All the Income Tax you spend, Council Tax, And any other Tax, including stealth Tax’s? Would not you like to know what its getting spent on?

Thirdly Conservatives, Their policies sound rather good, They want to give more electrical power to the folks off Britain, End the Nationwide Insurance rise (Set by Labour) and tackle the Deficit at a Nice Regular Pace making use of income that is getting wasted elsewhere (not going straight for what we have left in our pockets). However, they do want to launch the Trident Project, Which i’m not fanatical about, I feel that funds could be better invested placing us into area (maybe even on the moon, would not that be some thing to tell your grandchildren “we have been to the moon” instead than “we blew a country off the encounter of this earth and produced a nuclear fallout” )

Eventually, If we all vote for anyone other than Conservatives on May possibly 6th 2010, Labour will get Electrical power through some loophole to do with how numerous seats they have.

So, with that in mind, Who you voting for? and far more importantly Why?

European political science / general best reply:

Answer by Neil
i am voting for conservative simply simply because i dwell in a conservative spot (Tatton). they have completed wonders for neighborhood towns, they stopped the A&E unit at macclesfield standard hospital from closing down as well as stopping labour from closing local viallge post offices. Geroge Osborne (our MP) also helped me with my disbility allowance, it was reduce off since i turned 18, so i contacted him about it, thought it incorrect and aided my battle Customs & Revenue.

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European political science / basic
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