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Angel Tube Station

by admin on December 12, 2012

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europe central bank Angel Tube Station Testimonials

Islington High Street
Common Rating: four out of five (ten Reviews)

Evaluation by Susana P.
I really like Angel tube station, that may sound strange, but some tube stations are rather far from the retailers, and this a single is proper on the large street! It can be…
Rating: 4

Review by Alex S.
I really appreciate this tube station. But of program, I really like a very good escalator ride.

Much much more superior to it’s elevator cousin, the escalator ride tends to make you…
Rating: four

Assessment by Jason T.
The escalator doesnt look that lengthy! Angel is a great tube station, clean and not too crowded (taking into consideration it is in zone 1). I like the everyday phrases of…
Rating: four

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