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The easiest country to do business in Europe is Denmark

by admin on February 19, 2013


For a second year in a row, the World Bank has ranked Denmark as the best country in the European Union to do business. Among all the countries in the world, which are 185 in number, Denmark ranks fifth after Hong Kong The easiest country to do business in Europe is Denmarkand Singapore, US and New Zealand. Those companies that want to set up a company and run a business in a smooth way, should consider this European country. This is so, since Denmark has one of the most dynamic and highly efficient business environments in the world. The country tries to improve the conditions applied on the foreign companies that have decided to do business in Denmark. This includes the option for the companies to start making business in the country within just a few hours, as well as the effective public government services, the flexible labour markets. In other words, the businesses that are located in Denmark have very high chance to adapt and even to succeed in the current business environment, which could be quite unpredictable.

The report of the World Bank covers eleven areas of the business life including the easy way of starting a business, the constructions permits, the employment of workers, the payment of taxes, payday loans if need and as well as all other important elements when making business. The World Bank report makes a summary on all business reforms and on that base considers that Denmark is a country where business is easy to be done. The report of the World Bank for year 2012 also analyzes if there is a connection between the way of making business in a certain country and the direct foreign investments that are made. According to the analyses, there is such relation and when the business climate in a certain country is good, this brings a very good impact on the investments made in the country. The countries in the European Union that have good regulations on local or domestic business, also have great regulations in the areas of foreign investment.

The types of business entities that could be established in Denmark include sole proprietor, partnership and limited partnership, public limited company and private limited company, as well as limited liability cooperative and branch office of foreign company. In case the annual turnover of the company is more than 50 000 Dkr., if the company pays wages and imports goods, it should register one’s business. When registered, the companies acquire Central Company Register Number. Applications for registering a business could be found at website. The taxes applied in Denmark are normal, the import and export is easy to do, the licenses are fast to obtain. All the rules are clear, easy to find and simple to follow. Besides the official websites, there are many specialized forums with good information on starting and running business in the country. Among them are, which is a business forum where one can find an answer to everything. The same is valid for, where various questions are discussed too. Another useful website is, which is specialized in professional translations that one might need when organizing one’s business.

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