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Hugo Chávez inauguration delay angers Venezuelan opposition

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Hugo Chávez inauguration delay angers Venezuelan opposition
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The Venezuelan military and the supreme court have followed legislators in backing the postponement of the inauguration of the nation&#39s ailing president, Hugo Chávez, regardless of warnings from the opposition of a destabilising &quotconstitutional coup&quot.

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Observe!! Uk Riots Suspect Reece Donovan Charged With Robbing Injured Malaysian Student

Watch!! UK Riots Suspect Reece Donovan Charged With Robbing Injured Malaysian Student

Please Pay a visit to Cost-free Uk Riots Suspect Reece Donovan Charged With Robbing Injured Malaysian Student Police have charged a 21-year-old guy with robbing an injured Malaysian student whose videotaped attack throughout the London riots drew outrage in Britain. About twenty teens and preteens surrounded Mohammed Asyraf Haziq Rossli in the course of the unrest that swept the capital last week, grabbing his bike and cell telephone and breaking his jaw.
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uk globe news query by Join the Sheepy flock: So the Lisbon treaty was not the EU constitution then below another guise?
lol sceptic my brain is fine thanks for the concern.

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Only a fool would feel otherwise.

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