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The EU company case

by on May 23, 2013 · 2 comments

EU Enterprise

The EU company case
EU organization
And if that is the case, it could have dramatic results on United kingdom organization and on HR. A YouGov poll published earlier this yr reveals a decidedly frosty British perspective in the direction of the EU. In accordance to the survey, 40% of the public is still undecided about …

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EU company query by Elric of Melniboné: Fantastic Britain: Is it not true that we are now a “Enterprise” run for four/five years(or13) by money grabbing scum?
Of all party’s(Duck houses?)

Is this what we are doomed to be managed by, twats who’ve received no genuine daily life expertise?

EU business best solution:

Reply by Paul A
You have to feel a bit sorry for them, will not you? No, of program you don’t!
But suppose you got a job and they mentioned the salary is x, you get a prime business car, substantial cost account, prolonged holidays, bankers’ bonuses, throw a sickie each time you want. You start off saying that appears a bit generous, are you certain this is okay, but all your colleagues say, no, it is fine, we’re all claiming it all. Then ten many years down the line some non-executive director suddenly says “Noooo, you should not have had all that!” You’d most likely not actually see their level of view.

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