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Latest Europe Economic system Information

by on May 28, 2013 · 4 comments

Europe Economic climate

Is America Getting to be Europe?

Is America Becoming Europe?

Across the Atlantic, Americans see European economies faltering below tremendous debt, overburdened welfare states, governments controlling near to fifty perc…
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europe economic climate query by nlv: “Skeleton army rises” says the Morning Star is this in recognition of people who died?
In the wars the party that the Unions funded took the Uk into?

“Skeleton-masked public-sector employees staged co-ordinated protests across Britain yesterday to highlight the mortal risk that government cuts pose to neighborhood providers and economies.”

Selfish hypocrites!

europe economic climate ideal solution:

Reply by Join the Sheepy flock
Let the blood sucking scum wallow in the misery they developed i say.

What do you believe? Solution beneath!

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