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Europe requires on tech giants and their tax havens

by admin on December 5, 2012 · 15 comments

EU Tax Law

Europe will take on tech giants and their tax havens
EU tax law
3, 2012 A committee of British lawmakers says the government ought to &quotget a grip&quot and clamp down on multinational businesses that exploit tax laws to move revenue produced in Britain to offshore domains.The committee says key multinationals …

What is the €ost of a Yes Vote?

Marta Andreasen & Caroline Simons answer a question. What is the expense to you and me financially through taxes and so forth if Lisbon is passed and the EU are provided much more control.
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EU tax law question by Chocolate Starfish: Why doesnt the United kingdom send back unlawful immigrants who come across the channel right away?
i imagined the EU law was that asylum seekers have to use for asylum in the first EU country they pay a visit to….anyone coming across the channel by tunnel or ferry really should be back on the ferry inside the hour…….why cant the Uk implement the EU law on this as they dont appear to have a dilemma with any other EU law

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lol ….its not like they could be real……….i know my girlfriend was……

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