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Are the Europeans and Brits as mis-informed as the Americans regarding….?

by admin on January 9, 2013 · 2 comments

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european enterprise to company question by deeperpolitics: Are the Europeans and Brits as mis-informed as the Americans regarding….?
Just who pulls the strings of our government leaders and styles all round government agendas?
At least Americans may discover a video titled >The Fall of the Republic< However, have any European video producers come close to revealing just who directs the European leaders? To whose tune do the European leaders dance? Or are the Brits and Europeans as mis-led as the Americans in believing they live in a democracy? european company to organization very best response:

Solution by Edward
If folks (both here or in the US) are misinformed then they have no-one particular to blame but themselves: the information is out there, you just have to seem tougher. Simply because the mainstream media isn’t there to inform people, they are in the “smoke & mirrors enterprise”.

But does it matter regardless of whether people are informed or not? Since it seems to me that even the stuff put out by the BBC need to enrage people sufficiently to trigger a revolt. Nonetheless, apparently, folks could not care much less. For instance, there was recently a programme on channel 4 detailing the financial back links amongst pro-Israel MPs & Jewish lobby groups. But it did not increase so considerably as a ripple of public concern.

I know, depressing is not it?

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