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SignPost: Huawei ascends to new heights

by on June 24, 2013 · 9 comments

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SignPost: Huawei ascends to new heights
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Scandinavia appeared to have a lock on the market less than a decade in the past with brands like Nokia and Ericsson, and Canada briefly owned the smartphone industry in the course of the ascendancy of BlackBerry. The advent of the iPhone moved the concentrate to California and …

european advertising and marketing jobs question by Lord Edgecombe: Britain branded “big losers” over EU jobs carve up?
Britain branded “big losers” above EU jobs carve up. Following the information that French MEP Michel Barnier had been appointed Inner Marketplace Commissioner in the subsequent Commission, French President Nicolas Sarkozy mentioned “the British are the wonderful losers” in the carve up of leading EU jobs. Britain’s Commissioner is the new EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton. Sarkozy added, “It is excellent for France. And the second victory, is that our friends the Romanians received the agriculture job.”

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Answer by Anti Censorship
The French actually do love pushing their luck and pissing off men and women that could wipe them off the face of the earth in a matter of seconds do not they?

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