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Q&A: BBC accused of institutional ‘trendy left-wing bias’?

by on July 27, 2013 · 17 comments

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european organization information query by Nelson: BBC accused of institutional ‘trendy left-wing bias’?
It was also advised that the BBC is guilty of political correctness, the overt promotion of multiculturalism and of becoming anti-American and against the countryside.
“It is hostile to conservatism and the traditional Appropriate, Britain’s past and British values, America, Ulster Unionism, Euro-scepticism, capitalism and big company, the countryside, Christianity, and loved ones values.

“Conversely it is sympathetic to Labour, European Federalism, the State and State investing, mass immigration, minority rights, multiculturalism, different lifestyles, abortion and progressiveness in the schooling and the justice methods.”
BBC Trustee Richard Tait, a former editor-in-chief of ITN and one particular of the report’s authors, explained: “The BBC can’t allow its output to be taken above by campaigning groups any much more than by political events.”

What do you believe? Agree or disagree?
Attempt reading the report once more Voice of Communism or must I Note: Labour questioner selectively selecting Labour quotes to help a Labour agenda.

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Response by pensterx
I believe the BBC is guilty of covering up the true nature of military casualties in the Iraq war. So frequently I go through an write-up about a suicide bomb in Iraq, or a article about politics in Iraq and then someplace in the middle there is one particular line buried within the rest of the text which says some thing like
“elsewhere 5 US servicemen have been killed by insurgents”.

When British soldiers die it makes headline news.

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